Our Preferred Vendor Program enables Arch Amenities Group to make informed recommendations to our clients, keep our staff educated and trained on the latest and best products and provide our guests with exceptional products and services at AAG-affiliated facilities.

At national and regional meetings throughout the year, AAG vendors are invited to participate in sharing latest products and updated service standards to our staff. We work hand-in-hand with vendors to offer the best possible products and services available.


Below you’ll find some of the tools, marketing opportunities and events that you can participate in as part of the Arch Amenities Group Preferred Vendor Program. We’ll work with you to create a program that works best for you company’s needs and budget.

  • Preferred Vendor Logo
  • Dedicated Intranet Folder
  • Inclusion in Preferred Vendor Catalog
  • Inclusion in Preferred Vendor Feature on Website
  • Arch Amenities Group Property List
  • Arch Amenities Group Social Media Posts (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Arch Amenities Group Emails (Dedicated or Group)
  • Arch Amenities Group Conference
  • Quarterly Arch Amenities Group Spa Meetings
  • ISPA Events
  • Monthly All Spa Call Presentations
  • Weekly Corporate Spa Call Presentations
  • Regional Manager’s Meetings (including NYC, Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Washington, DC)