Arch Amenities Group can transform your lounge or rooftop space into a membership club-like experience for all tenants. Our onsite engagement teams create a vibrant hub of community outside of individual company spaces where tenants can socialize, entertain guests, take meetings, relax with a variety of wellness services, and join professional and cultural programming.

This welcoming experience creates an easier work life balance, helping employees thrive and love where they work. Additional services range from wellness rooms, golf simulators, mothering suites, podcast studios, bars, and food and beverage services that provide engaging outlets for employees looking for social communities.

What we Bring

  • Manage the booking process for meeting rooms, utilizing property App or direct inquiries from tenants.
  • Assist with 3rd party providers to deliver food and beverage services for meetings or special events.
  • Collaborate with the building to design and create custom programming and a calendar of building activation activities.
  • Forbes Five-Star customer service training for all employees