Hospitality Data Solutions & Insights

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Hospitality Analytics To Optimize Your Goals

Arch Amenities Group combines third-party data and decades of experience to offer our clients solutions that deliver optimal outcomes for their facilities.

Hospitality Industry Wage Insights

Wage Insights aggregates data across the hospitality and wellness industries to enable hiring managers to best define their employee compensation and growth strategies

Profiles By Arch

Our proprietary analytics & insights tool, Profiles by Arch,  combines demographic and psychographic analysis to provide tangible direction about how to best engage with the people coming and going from a given space. At Arch, we use these insights to create activations that build community and foster connection.

The Profiles by Arch Spa Local Market Report combines mobility and census data, Experian Mosaic segmentation, and Arch Amenity Group’s expert-guided criteria about spa-goers to provide a robust picture of your spa’s current guests and potential future local clientele. Viewed together, this information has been designed with the goal of helping you to anticipate the behaviors, attitudes, and preferences of your customers and help guide your strategic initiatives more effectively. 


Bringing Hospitality Data Solutions To Your Business

Innovation is part of our DNA; building new products, technology, and tools with simplicity, scale, and your success in mind.

Our team brings years of experience and great instincts, and we fortify all of that with hyper-current data and insights that take the guesswork out of investing in the potential of your space.

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