Data Driven Insights to Activate Your Space

With HR teams joining leasing tours to identify spaces for optimal productivity and employee satisfaction, the focus is sharper than ever on amenities in today’s workplace environment.

With Profiles by Arch, the first of its kind tenant profiling solution, we’ll help you gain valuable insight into your tenant population to enhance and accelerate your asset management and tenant attraction and retention initiatives.

Expert Partnership

Our team works together with owners, operators and asset managers in commercial, corporate and residential spaces of all sizes to provide recommendations on amenities, activations, programming, and experiences to maximize every square foot of potential in your space. We can’t wait to meet you.

The Profiles by Arch report pairs current mobility data with Experian Mosaic® segmentation to anticipate the behaviors, attitudes, and preferences of your entire tenant population. Experian Mosaic® segments the U.S. market into 19 overarching psychographic Groups and 71 underlying Types based on demographic characteristics, lifestyles, and behaviors.

Then, utilizing the information we’ve learned about your building and its entire population, we’ll create and deliver a curated programming playbook of events and activations for you to execute in your space. We’re here to help.

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