See Your Tenants Differently: An In-Depth Look at Profiles by Arch 

Profiles by Arch, a new data-driven insights tool from Arch Amenities Group, pairs mobility data and Experian Mosaic segmentation to anticipate tenant behavior and preferences to increase utilization and create spaces that thrive.
Profiles by Arch

As the leading amenities management firm for commercial and residential spaces, one of the biggest problems Arch Amenities Group sees faced by building owners and operators is attracting and retaining tenants. With the ever-changing demands of today’s fast-paced society, tenants are seeking multi-functional spaces that cater to a dynamic lifestyle, and to create activated and engaged spaces that offer a strong return on investment, it’s imperative a building’s amenities and programming reflect desire. 

But how do you know what your tenants are interested in? Members of a country club in southern Florida will be seeking different activations than office-goers in New York City. There is no one-size-fits-all tenant profiling solution, and as such, forward-thinking asset managers are turning to data driven insights to aid in catering to their specific tenant population. 

With the introduction of Profiles by Arch, a unique data-driven insights tool from Arch Amenities Group, corporate and residential spaces of all sizes can now benefit from valuable, unprecedented visibility into their building’s population and work with Arch to create compelling and targeted programming designed to engage their specific population. 


What is Profiles by Arch? 

Profiles by Arch is a proprietary analytics solution for population insights and programming strategy. Using commercial real estate data, current mobility data, and Experian Mosaic® segmentation, Profiles by Arch paints a robust picture of your building’s ecosystem to help owners, operators, asset managers, marketing teams, and beyond anticipate the behaviors, attitudes, and preferences of their tenant populations, helping direct strategic initiatives and funding more effectively. 


Who is Profiles by Arch For? 

Profiles by Arch was originally designed for multi-tenant commercial buildings, but it can also benefit owner-occupied sites, residential communities, country clubs, and even hotels. It’s designed to increase revenue, engagement, and customer satisfaction anywhere that adult consumers spend large blocks of time. 


What does Profiles by Arch Provide? 

Profiles by Arch features two types of reports: an annual Property & People report and a quarterly Seasonal Programming Playbook. 

The People & Property report provides a baseline understanding of a building’s environment including statistics, certifications, and ownership details along with key tenant companies by population size, all of which contribute to a building’s overall cultural climate. Buildings located within key designated market areas will also receive an overview of local cultural elements to keep in mind. In addition to the building insights, the People & Property report includes Population Insights, complete with detailed information on the largest subsets of a building in order to support targeted initiatives.  

Utilizing current mobility data, tenant populations are segmented into 71 possible Types within 19 psychographic Groups based on the Experian Mosaic® framework, which are then utilized in quarterly Programming Playbooks to ensure informed recommendations and decision making regarding programming and activations. Each is designed and supported by Arch Amenities Group and is created specifically for your building’s tenant population. 


How Does Profiles by Arch Work? 

The two sets of data that allow Profiles by Arch to gain unique insights into your tenant population and predict and plan tenant preferences and behaviors are mobility data and Experian Mosaic® segmentations: 

  • Mobility Data: utilizes aggregated and anonymized GPS signals, WiFi connections, and specialized beacons to observe how many people visit a particular location, how long they stay there, and their travel patterns to and from that location. These data types make it easier to see not only where tenants go, but why they might go there and what they might be doing there. With enough data, patterns can be found where tenants frequently go at certain times of the day, on certain days of the week, during certain seasons, or on specific holidays.

  • Experian Mosaic® Segmentation: A household-based consumer lifestyle segmentation system that classifies all U.S. households and neighborhoods into 71 (labeled 01 to 71) unique types and 19 (labeled A to S) overarching groups, providing a 360-degree view of consumers’ choices, preferences and habits. Data points include demographics such as age, marital status, and household composition; socio-economics such as education/qualifications, occupation, and vehicle ownership; location information such as means of transport, travel to work time, and urbanity/rurality; financial measures such as income, credit behavior, and social security/assistance; and property characteristics such as tenure, property value, and rent amount, among additional factors for each category.

Arch Amenities Group does not independently gather or process personal or sensitive information. Rather, we permission access to publicly available data as well as mobility data via trusted partners, and receive back aggregated metrics that have been anonymized and integrated with Experian’s Mosaic Segmentation.  

This data is what makes Profiles by Arch is the first of its kind on the market. No one else is pairing psychographic data with events expertise to up-level engagement initiatives. 


What’s Included in each Profiles by Arch Report? 

The annual People & Property Report is broken up into three sections:

  • Foundational Information: including a building overview and description, amenities information, ownership overview, key tenant information, and a local culture overview.

  • Population Insights: including average household income, median age, the diversity of your population’s Experian Mosaic segments, and the five most common Types of your building’s population, including their ages, incomes, and key lifestyle features.

  • Applications: including the top Pathways (recommended areas of focus based on the behaviors, attitudes, and preferences of your tenant population), marketing channels, and technology suggested for best reaching and engaging your target demographics. All of the recommendations made in your quarterly Programming Playbook will tie back to these pathways and applications.

The quarterly Seasonal Programing Playbooks each contain the following: 

  • Unique Programming Formula:  including Programming Pathways, event tiers, event cadence and marketing cadence.

  • Programming Cards: including event descriptions, key elements, and opportunities to elevate; mood board photos; Total Building Pathway-based cards; and Dominant Type-based cards where highly-targeted programs are likely to be successful.

Each Programming Playbook utilizes a Programming Formula focused on the top 3 of 6 aforementioned Pathways to create a robust and bespoke events calendar for each specific season. Examples of Pathways include “Cultural Exploration,” “Learning,” and “The Arts,” among others. Each program card provides the starting point for a pop-up event, including recommendations for how to elevate to a Signature Workshop or Tentpole. While the tier at which you choose to execute each program is ultimately up to you and your engagement budget, Arch does provide a recommended cadence for staggering event tears based on your building’s square footage. 


How long does Profiles by Arch take to implement? 

Single-Site properties that decide to invest in Profiles by Arch can expect to receive their annual People & Profiles Report within five business days of purchase. Once delivered, a member of the Profiles by Arch team will reach out to schedule a time to review the report with you. Programming Playbooks are delivered each quarter, six weeks prior to the new season, to ensure you have ample time to plan. 

For asset managers with 10 sites or more, we recommend our Enterprise solution, which includes portfolio-level insights, managed sign-on, and comparative analytics at the region, state, city, and site level. Your personal Arch expert will work with you on a project roadmap and implementation plan, including a customer success strategy for your end users. 

Profiles by Arch is an annual subscription service that we recommend is utilized and refreshed annually, unless you experience a major change in your building population, such as an anchor tenant move in/out, updated return-to-work policies, or major construction.